Incrementing certain values in a matrix for several iterations

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Im looking forward to increment specific columns of data by 2 in my Matrix for several rounds in a loop. The increment is not successful for each iteration in the loop as i hoped. It only shows the same set of data without incrementing by 2 for as long as the loop runs.

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Bjarke Skogstad Larsen
Bjarke Skogstad Larsen on 12 May 2020
I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve but I think I can help you out anyway.
You are incrementing vp in each iteration but I'm guessing that you want all the variables you set after the first time you set vp to be affected by this change as well.
An easy way for you to achieve this with your current code:
  1. First, comment out line #35 : r has not been set yet, and you have the same code inside your for-loop.
  2. Move line #37 to line #6 to recalculate all your variables with the new value of vp
This will give you three results for values of vp: 48, 50 and 52

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