simbiology problem PK PD modeling

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I have a question of simulating a TK model already belonging to the simbioogy library.
I download the excel file of the data, but I cannot get the curves after I click "run" .
it's an error code that comes out every time:
DependentVarLabel must be a numeric column in the DataSet that contains real values and no Inf or -Inf values.
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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 12 May 2020
Can you save the project that you are using and attach it to your question?

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 12 May 2020
The problem is that the two variables "time" and "drug" in your data were imported as text instead of numbers. I'm not sure how you imported the data, but try importing it again. It looks like you're using R2013a. I'm not sure if this feature is available in that version, but I like to use the "Import Data" button on the main MATLAB toolstrip. That gives you a lot more options for importing your data, and makes it easier to confirm that you're importing the data correction. After you import the data into MATLAB, you can import it into SimBiology.
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nosair el yakoubi
nosair el yakoubi on 12 May 2020
thank ou very much Arthur...finally the problem is solved ...

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