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For loop to run code multiple times for different excel sheets

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I have a code that I wrote for one excel sheet and I need it to run for 5 more excel sheets how can I do this using a for loop?
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 11 May 2020
Fatemah - what does your code look like for the one sheet? Are you just changing the sheet name on each iteration? What should be done with the data that you read?
Fatemah Ebrahim
Fatemah Ebrahim on 11 May 2020
This is my code looks like for the first sheet
% Unit A:
data = readtable('A_minute.xlsx');
% step 2: store date and time data as a datenum (DaT) and then convert to datetime (t)
DaT = datenum(data.Var1);
t = datetime(DaT, 'ConvertFrom','datenum');
TimeofDay = timeofday(t);
TimeofDay = ceil(TimeofDay,'hours');
[UniqueTimeSteps,~,pos] = unique(TimeofDay);
UniqueTimeSteps = UniqueTimeSteps(2:end);
pos =pos -1;
pos(pos==0) = 24;
% step 3: store the other columns from the excel data file
AptA = data(:,4);
AptA = table2array(AptA);
% step 4: for loop extracting the hour and indexing it through for weekday versus weekend
Consumption_Weekday = zeros(1,length(UniqueTimeSteps));
Consumption_Weekend = zeros(1,length(UniqueTimeSteps));
wd = weekday(t) > 1 & weekday(t) < 7;
for i = 1:length(UniqueTimeSteps)
idx = (pos == i & wd);
Consumption_Weekday(i) = mean(AptA(idx));
idx = (pos == i & (~wd));
Consumption_Weekend(i) = mean(AptA(idx));
MinuteValue= UniqueTimeSteps;
% step 5: plot
figureA = figure;
hold on
xlabel('Time'), ylabel('Electric Demand (kW)'), ...
title('Unit A - Average Aggregated HVAC Electric Demand (kW)'), ...

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Answers (1)

Harsha Priya Daggubati
Harsha Priya Daggubati on 14 May 2020
If your excel workbook has multiple sheets, then this thread might help you give an idea about how to proceed.
If your data is spread across multiple excel files, then you can get access the excel files using 'dir' command. This thread might help you.


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