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Write part of xlabel in LaTeX (not whole label)

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Hi all,
I am aware that using something like:
xlabel('X-label, $x_{label,LaTeX}$ (W)','Interpreter','latex')
can help to write in LaTeX, however, I was wondering if there's any way I can use LaTeX for only and write the remaining part of the label in the default font of the MATLAB label - I've seen that the LaTeX interpreter doesn't allow changing font?

Accepted Answer

Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade on 19 May 2020
Hi Minas,
To have part of xlabel in regular MATLAB figure font and remaining in LaTeX font, you can specify font for specific parts inside LaTeX markup as follows:
xlabel('$\textsf{X-Label} \: x_{label,LaTeX} \textsf{(W)}$','Interpreter','latex')
Hope this helps!

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HC J on 29 Dec 2023
  1. 作者的办法是可以用的;
  2. sf会出错
  3. bf加粗

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