Subtracting different sized arrays in intervals

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Hello everyone,
i have a problem where i just cant wrap my head around: I have two arrays, one is a 2678400x1 double (call this A) and one is a 4464x1 double (call this B). I want to subtract the first element of B from the first 600 elements of A, then the second element of B from the 601 to 1200 elements of A without using a loop. The calculated array would look something like this:
C(1) = A(1) - B(1)
C(2) = A(2) - B(1)
C(3) = A(3) - B(1)
C(601) = A(601) - B(2)
C(1201) = A(1201) - B(3)
I am using MatLab R2015a

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 8 May 2020
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Kai Hillers
Kai Hillers on 8 May 2020
Perfect, Fangjun Jiang. You are truly a MVP! :) I didnt know the function repelem() existed and couldn't find it, thanks for helping me out!

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