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How to take user input values to create a row vector and column vector?

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I want to write a progam to create two vectors a & b where a is a row vector & b is a column vector. and multiply to create c = a*b.
The values of vector should be taken as user choice.
How I can define a matrix in which the values should be fill by user.
I have use input function but in this the values are not stored as matrix, as far as I am not asking user to put the values in[].
how can I directly put the values in matrix without asking them to write in[].
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Gautam on 3 May 2020
Try inputdlg instead.
a = str2num(char(inputdlg('Enter a: ')));
b = str2num(char(inputdlg('Enter b: ')));
c = a*b;
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Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma on 3 May 2020
Hello Mr.Gautam,
Thank you for answering.
The code is doing the trick of taking user input values and creating vector.
But matrix b is stored as a row vector, so I have used another varible e=b' to transpose into column vector.
Also, to make the code more user friendly, I want to restrict the number of elements in matrix b to be equal to number of elements in matrix a after user input matrix a.
So as to fulfil matrix multiplication rule of number of columns= no of rows.
Please help.

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