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Replace hardcopy for only MATLAB version functions

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Hi all, I've been recently trying to create a histogram with hatched bars instead of using colours for a formal report. I found a function in the link: <Hatch Functions>, however, upon trying Example 1 from the Documentation of applyhatch_plus.m:
[im_hatch,colorlist] = applyhatch_plus(gcf,'\-x.',[],150);
I get the following error message:
Unrecognized function or variable 'hardcopy'.
Error in applyhatch_plus (line 89)
bits = hardcopy(h,'-dzbuffer',['-r' num2str(dpi)]);
I realise that hardcopy is no longer a function in MATLAB, but does anybody have an idea of how I could retrieve it? Even better, any ideas to hatch histograms would be very much appreciated. Also tried <Hatchfill> but it also seems to use old functions.

Answers (1)

Samatha Aleti
Samatha Aleti on 5 May 2020
There is a latest MATLAB File exchange for this hatchfunctionality. You can find it here.
Hope this helps!

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