Using solve to solve a complex trigonometric equation

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i want to solve the trigonometric equation, but actual answers and the answers matlab gives me are different,,, please help me to get correct answers,,
here's my code
syms x;
assume(x>=0 & x<=2*pi);
f(x) = cos(x) * (1 - sin(x));
Y = solve( f(x) == 0);
Y =
actually, there should be one more.. 1.5pi,,, please help me :(

Accepted Answer

Mrutyunjaya Hiremath
Mrutyunjaya Hiremath on 28 Apr 2020
Hello Junha Kim,
syms x;
assume(x>=0 & x<=2*pi);
eqn = cos(x)*(1-sin(x)) == 0;
[solx, parameters, conditions] = solve(eqn, x, 'ReturnConditions',true);
restrictions = [x>=0, x<=2*pi];
solk = solve(restrictions, parameters);
valx = subs(solx, solk)
for more information, refer here

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