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How to set limit on 2 lines when data is from matrix

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Hello, I have this graph:
I am trying to limit the green line to ranges of X = A to B (A being the teal vertical line and and B is the maroon vertical line) and limit the purple line from B to 16.
The lines are plotted from a matrix with size of (1, 1601), and its calculated from a function where X goes from 0-16 . How can I keep the lines within the area I mentioned?

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Samatha Aleti
Samatha Aleti on 30 Apr 2020
Edited: Samatha Aleti on 30 Apr 2020
You may change the data points to “NaN” if you don’t want to plot those data points. Here is a sample code:
x = [1:15; 2:2:30]
one = x(1,:); % First line
two = x(2,:); % Second line
pH = 2:16; % Let
plot(pH, one); hold on; plot(pH, two);legend('one','two') % Actual plot
% Limit the range
one(pH > 10) = NaN;
two(pH < 10) = NaN;
plot(pH, one); hold on; plot(pH, two);legend('one','two')
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Austin Hernandez
Austin Hernandez on 30 Apr 2020
Thank you, although I figured it, it looks like this method will work as well, and may even be less work than my solution.
Basically, I used logical idexing to specify the indices where pH>10 and pH<13 and then used that to plot.
Thanks anyways!

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