Efficient use of matfile within parfor

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Angelo Cuzzola
Angelo Cuzzola on 27 Apr 2020
Commented: Angelo Cuzzola on 5 May 2020
I have a very simple code that works pretty well when the size of the involved objects is manageable by the memory.
%%% Variables
% Z -> matrix of dimensions (r,T)
% V -> matrix of dimensions (r,r,T)
% C -> matrix of dimensions (n,r)
% nanY -> matrix of dimensions (n,T)
% y -> matrix of dimensions (n,T)
R_new_T = zeros(n,1);
parfor t=1:T
yC = diag(~nanY(:,t))*C;
R_new_T = R_new_T + (y(:,t)-yC*Z(:,t+1)).^2 ...
+ diag(yC*V(:,:,t+1)*yC') ...
+ Rvec.*nanY(:,t);
In practical application, that bunch of code has to run with the parameter n taking values around 80k leading quickly to an unfeasible memory load. The solution I figured out relies on matfiles, at the expenses of paralellizionation and general performance. This is the version with which I am able to handle it for large n.
yC = zeros(n,r);
save var_cyc.mat nanY y yC -v7.3;
v = matfile('var_cyc.mat', 'Writable', true);
R_new_T = zeros(n,1);
for t=1:T
v.yC = diag(~v.nanY(:,t))*C;
R_new_T = R_new_T + (v.y(:,t) - v.yC*Z(:,t+1)).^2 ...
+ diag(v.yC*V(:,:,t+1)*v.yC') ...
+ Rvec.*(v.nanY(:,t)) ;
Unfortunately this script cannot be paralellizable for classification problems related to the variable v. I'm wondering if there is a way to recover the initial parallelization structure using matlab file to handle huge file without incurring in 'out of memory errors'.

Answers (1)

Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 28 Apr 2020
The problem is all to do with your assignment into v.yC. The parfor analysis cannot tell that this is safe and not order-dependent - it doesn't consider the fact that you're completely overwriting one field of the object. So, I think the simplest workaround is not to place yC in the matfile, and instead keep this as a loop temporary variable. In other words:
parfor t=1:T
yC = diag(~v.nanY(:,t))*C;
R_new_T = R_new_T + (v.y(:,t) - yC*Z(:,t+1)).^2 ...
+ diag(yC*V(:,:,t+1)*yC') ...
+ Rvec.*(v.nanY(:,t)) ;
This shouldn't cause any additional memory usage since each worker already needs a full copy of yC in memory in order to perform the other operations.
Angelo Cuzzola
Angelo Cuzzola on 5 May 2020
Thanks. It should work. Just for consistency yC definition need a correction
yC = (~nanYCol).*C;
The second line can refactored using only matrices of dimension (n,r)

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