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5G NR Synchronization Procedures

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I am reading the example of 5G toolbox about NR Synchronization Procedures. I have a question about in 5G NR, how the receiver determine the best transmitting beam using SSB.
My understanding is we can extract the SSB with the strongest peak of PSS correstion and by search for the index of the PBCH DM-RS with the best SNR , we get the LSBs of the SS/PBCH block index. Then by decode the PBCH and get MIB, we can get the the MSBs of the SS/PBCH block index. With SSB index we will know the best beam forming vector corresponding to that SSB.
Is that right?


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Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty on 29 Apr 2020
Hi Xiangwei,
You are almost right, in expressing the words.
Minor correction:
Though we can extract the SSB with the strongest peak of PSS correlation, we need to even perform the SSS correlation to get the cell identity. The cell identity is used in the search of PBCH DM-RS with best SNR, to get the LSB's of SS/PBSCH block index. This can be seen even in the first code of line in the subsection PBCH DM-RS search, accessing the cell identity ncellid.
Other than missing the details of finding out physical layer cell identity, as mentioned above, all other details are apt.
Hope this helps.

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