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How can I give a figure both a name and a number?

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In my program I have a lot of windows and when working on it then I redraw the plots. Also I switch a lot between scripts which generate plots. What I would like to have is that say a specific script always uses a figure associated with a specifc number. In addition to that I want to figure to have title similarly as when we use figure('Name','Name of the figure'). How can I do that?
My MATLAB version is R2019b.


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Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty on 26 Apr 2020
Hi Felix,
You can do that by using Name-Value pairs options of figure. You can even look at the examples provided in that page, the first example is what you are looking for.
Hope this helps.


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Felix Crazzolara
Felix Crazzolara on 26 Apr 2020
Hi Sriram,
Thank you for your quick response! I think I don't understand what you mean. If I do for example
then I get figure with different numbers. For example Figure 1: Hello and Figure 2: Hello. Still, I obtain Figure 1: Hello if I do figure(1) after both of the previous command. That being said, how can I figure out the figure that was assigned to the new figure if I do something like
Felix Crazzolara
Felix Crazzolara on 26 Apr 2020
Ah I got it. The returned figure object has field called Number.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Apr 2020
fig_handle = figure('Name','Hello')
fig_num = fig_handle.Number
However, in some cases figures are generated that do not have an integer figure number, and when that happens, the Number property is usually empty. You can find the actual figure number in such cases by using
fig_num = double(fig_handle)
These days it is advised that you do not use figure numbers: just record the handles returned by figure() and pass those around.

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