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Error communicating with the backend services

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Thomas Staal
Thomas Staal on 25 Apr 2020
When downloading Matlab r2020a I get an error and it doesn't want to continue. The installer has created a zip, unpacked but upon set up I get an error message 'Error communicating with the backend services'. System requirements are good. Windows 7, service pack 1, Intel 64 bit operating, 4.0 G RAM and sufficient discspace avaiable ~50 GB. I'm having this error for the last two days. How can I avoid this error and download the Mathlab Simulink R2020A product?


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Muralidharan A N
Muralidharan A N on 29 Apr 2020
I am facing same isuue ....update me when yours been resolved
Tobias Neumann
Tobias Neumann on 29 Apr 2020
Had the same problem, but on a second PC the installer started just fine (within the same network). It has something to do with blocking the communication to the MATLAB servers, so first check any antivirus/firewall software and temporarily disable it. For me this didn't solve the problem, but I got it running by executing the "setup_legacy.exe" in the "_temp_matlab_R2020a_win64\bin\win64" folder which got unzipped from the downloaded installer. Hope you get it running to. Stay save! (PS: I am not aware of differences of the legacy installer from the normal one, so please check you get the resulted setup you want!)
Pablo Dorado Melara
Pablo Dorado Melara on 25 Aug 2020
I recently tried to install Matlab r2020a and happened the same, so I tried the setup_legacy solution and it work, so thank you! :D
Did you find if the are any differences between normal and legacy?

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