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Simulink Subsystems are grayed out and hard to read

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I have simulink models that are provided by my software engineers. When browsing them to view how the code is formatted, some of them go "gray" below a certain level. This makes it much harder to read the code provided in the functions. Here is an example of the "gray" or "faded" text
Below is an example of similar text at a higher level. While it's not too hard to read either right now, when it gets to stateflow stuff, the contrast is really gone.
What's causing this, can I change it? I've tried searching, but all the terms I use keep going to signal manipulation, not just visual representation issues.

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Bhargavi Maganuru
Bhargavi Maganuru on 28 Apr 2020
This can happen when blocks are commented.You can uncomment by right click on block and select uncomment.
Smattering_Applause on 28 Apr 2020
Update: I think I found the reason. All simulink that I looked at went gray when it got to the level where they split to different variants. The error reads like "Variant control 'Block Name' of variant block 'subsystem page name' must be a condition expression or name of a Simulink.Variant object in the global scope workspace of the model. Ensure that the condition does not match the model name."
Once I loaded the expression config file to my workspace then opened the simulink model, everything that I wanted to be able to read better was readable. Basically Variant blocks sort of automatically comment out sections that aren't activated by configs.

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