Using an external hard to run a bigger simulation

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Sooo I have been trying to do a simulation to produce some plots for some time now and it is now apparent that I need to use a bigger matrix to get what I want. This question is concerned with is there a way to use more memory to do this?
The issue is MATLAB seems to shut itself down when I try and run my code for a big matrix (which in my work corresponds to a lattice size). I have a terabyte of RAM available on my Linux OS and another terabyte on a Windows OS. I tried repartitioning my hard drive to give my Linux OS more RAM to work with, but Windows will only let me shrink it's hard drive by 1 GB... Where I wanted to do 500 GB.
My first option is to get rid of the partition to get more RAM. Would this help with bigger simulations? I still want windows for various reasons.
I have a 2 terabyte external hard drive, so is there a way that I can use this to help MATLAB out? I would prefer this if possible! Hopefully someone can answer this since I need to start getting some good results!

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Nishant Gupta
Nishant Gupta on 27 May 2020


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