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how do I get the value of a variable from the base workspace in my GUI??

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Edward on 25 Oct 2012
Commented: Vadim Kachan on 29 Jul 2019
i have a large workspace (±400 variables) and i want to write a script for my gui, where i can put in a variable in an edit box, press a button next to it, and then the value of this variable has to appear in an other edit box. I'm really stuck on this, does anybody know how to do this???
Edward on 25 Oct 2012
one edit box to for the name of a variable, and one edit box where the value corresponding to this variable appears. Also there is a button, which has to run the script that gets de data from the workspace an shows it in the second edit box.

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Accepted Answer

Milos on 25 Oct 2012
You can use this:
varName = evalin('base', 'varNameInWorkspace');

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