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Use point data to plot a signal to use in Simulink

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The attached file is a plotting of earthquake wave drawn with many points. Is there a way that I change this into a signal (like sine wave/signal generator) to be used in Simulink?
Thanks for help in advance.

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Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta on 3 Jun 2020
The following procedure might help you:
  1. In the MATLAB command prompt run your script and then open Simulink.
  2. Create a blank model and add a Signal Builder block.
  3. Double click the Signal Builder block.
  4. Select Signal > New > Custom.
  5. In the Custom Waveform window, enter t in the Time values field and y in the Y values field and then click OK.
The Signal Builder block window displays the new signal as Signal 2.




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