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How to use Mask parameters in InitFcn

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Golden on 9 Apr 2020
Edited: Golden on 16 Apr 2020
I am using 2017a. I have a need to use a parameter from the mask of a block in the block property's InitFcn function. Is it possible? I have attached the model so you may see what I mean. Thank you.


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Accepted Answer

Guru Mohanty
Guru Mohanty on 14 Apr 2020
You Can access the block parameters of masked subsystem using get_param and change the block parameter using set_param.
You can make these changes inside InitFcn function.
% To get the Block Parameter
Param= get_param([gcs,'/Subsystem'],'Tend');
% To set Block parameter
I have attached the modified Simulink Model.

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Golden on 16 Apr 2020
a followup question: is it possible to make it more generic so I don't have specify the subsystem name in the following command?
Param= get_param([gcs,'/Subsystem'],'Tend');
This way when the block name changes, I don't have to go in and change this line of code. Thanks.

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