Vectorization on generated code

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Goksan ISIL
Goksan ISIL on 4 Apr 2020
I understand that when array and matrix operations are used, rather than relying on for loops, Matlab enables vectorization. But I believe this is valid for the code that is running within the Matlab engine itself.
How about the vectorization for the C/C++ code that is generated from Matlab? I understand that normally compilers like Intel icpc enable automatic or forced vectorization, if the for loop thats written is vectorizable.
So in order to utilize vectorization on the Matlab generated code, do we need to manually enable it during the compilation process or is there another Matlab suggested way of enabling vectorization? Or does Matlab already generate "vectorized code" for C/C++? I'm not sure how that would be possible though since C/C++ are not mathematical languages by nature.
Thanks in advance

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