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RTL-SDR Demo FM Receiver

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Clemens Klöck
Clemens Klöck on 30 Mar 2020
Answered: Jyotsna Talluri on 2 Apr 2020
I would like to test the demo FMReceiverExample.m and I got the following error:
>> FMReceiverExample
> Specify run time in seconds [10.800000]: 10
> Enter signal source.
> 1) File
> 2) RTL-SDR
> Signal source [1]: 2
Searching for radios connected to your host computer...
> Enter the number corresponding to the radio you would like to use.
> 1) RTL-SDR [Radio Address: 0]
>> Radio [1]: 1
> Enter FM channel frequency (Hz) [1.025000e+08]: 1.059e8
Error using comm.SDRRTLReceiver/checkForError
Cannot create a driver for the specified address. The
address '0' is already owned by a block, block dialog, or
System object. Stop the simulation, close the open
dialog, or call the release method of the System object
to allow a new owner to be assigned.
Error in comm.SDRRTLReceiver/setupImpl
Error in FMReceiverExample (line 117)
[rcv,~,lost,late] = sigSrc();
How can I overcome this failure?
Best regards,

Answers (1)

Jyotsna Talluri
Jyotsna Talluri on 2 Apr 2020
This error occurs when the radio hardware is already in use by another MATLAB session. Release the radio hardware by calling the release method of the System object.
.Refer to the below link to know more about release function.
You can also close the running MATLAB Session , restart MATLAB and setup radios again


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