mpiprofile viewer crashes unexpectedly

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The following minimal code
mpiprofile on
mpiprofile viewer
disp('there is a db point set at this line')
displays the following :
Lab 1:
Sending pmode lab2client to the MATLAB client for asynchronous evaluation. "
with this error message coming next :
Undefined function or variable 'MPI_PROF_VECTOR'.
Any clue ?
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Alexandre Kazantsev
Alexandre Kazantsev on 27 Mar 2020
The issue disappears when there is no debug point at the last line of the script

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Accepted Answer

Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 30 Mar 2020
I suspect the debug breakpoint is interfering with the data transfer from the spmd block back to the client.
I suppose the only workaround is: don't put a breakpoint there!
Starting in R2020a, you can invoke mpiprofile directly from the client, so you can do this instead:
mpiprofile on
% do stuff
mpiprofile viewer
I believe this approach should not be affected by the presence of breakpoints.

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