MATLAB_R2019b doesn't launch at all in Mac OS X Catalina

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Hello everyone,
my Matlab just recently stopped launching when I click on the symbol. I also tried opening the program from the applications folder and from "show packages contents" and it doesn't open. So what happens is that when I click on the MATLAB symbol it seems to open and then just stops, so basicly does not respond at all.
Matlab used to work perfectly fine until yesterday. I just recently updated the new version of R2019b for Mac OS X. One critical point could be that I use OS X Catalina and I again failed to stop automatic updates, so one reason could be that my Mac updated to version 10.15.4 (19E266). I don't know how I missed to cancel automatic updates after that great Catalina disaster that made half of the programs not work any more.
Does anybody have an idea of what I could do?
Thanks a lot!

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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula on 14 May 2020
Contact MathWorks technical support. They ll help you with this issue.
Florian Wildner
Florian Wildner on 18 May 2020
Thank you. After the problem appeared, I started Matlab using the terminal and then installed the 2020 version which works perfectly fine.
Mujtba Ali
Mujtba Ali on 24 Dec 2020
Can you explain more how you managed to solve the issue, because I am facing the same problem.
Thanks in advanced.

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