Matlab 2020a installation problem in Linux

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I’m having problem installing Matlab 2020a on Linux (Pop!_OS 19.10 based on Ubuntu 19.10). I’m getting this error during the installation “Missing File No route to host (Host unreachable)”. Can someone help, pleas?
Roman Konarik
Roman Konarik on 10 Apr 2020
Thanks, I also solved the problem this way. I downloaded the installation files on another network.

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Answers (2)

Athanasios Tasoglou
Athanasios Tasoglou on 31 Mar 2020
Edited: Athanasios Tasoglou on 9 Apr 2020
I am also getting issues installing the new version under Linux. In my case I am using Arch linux.
As usual, I am using the `` script and I am getting erros like those:
matlab_R2020a_glnxa64/bin/glnxa64/ file too short
I then create a symbolic link with the file that resides in my system and then the next lib file reports error:
matlab_R2020a_glnxa64/bin/glnxa64/ file too short
I continue the process with some other files that report issues (like and then I get errors like:
matlab_R2020a_glnxa64/bin/glnxa64/ undefined symbol: _ZTVN6icu_6413UnicodeStringE
So I just stop. Any idea what is happening? I never had any issue with the installer with any MATLAB version this far.
Update 09/04/2020
I got a response from support and their suggestion fixed it! You just need to unzip it with flags `-X -K`, e.g.:
unzip -X -K -d matlab_2020a_installer
Flag explanation:
  • -X: restore owner/protection info (UICs and ACL entries) under VMS, or user and group info (UID/GID) under Unix
  • -K: retain SUID/SGID/Tacky file attributes. Without this flag, these attribute bits are cleared for security reasons.
  • -d: An optional directory to which to extract files (optionally).
Athanasios Tasoglou
Athanasios Tasoglou on 9 Apr 2020
Hello Mark, see updated question. The flags did the trick for me.

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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula on 29 Mar 2020


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