How do I successfully Install Matlab on Mac?

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Jaeyoon Kim
Jaeyoon Kim on 26 Mar 2020
Commented: Jaeyoon Kim on 31 Mar 2020
I have been struggling to install Matlab on my Macbook.
I have tried like thousands times but I still can not install it.
(I succeeded installing it on windows via bootcamp though.)
The problem is I cannot go to next at "Select destination" part.
Last week, the error poped up like it can not find the destination (can't remember).
Now it shows that it can't connet to the Mathworks.
I have already tried turning off the firewall and other things.
I also tried to install it with license file but it didn't work as well. It also says it cannot find the destination.
I tried to extract the installation file with keka but it got fatal error for 2 files everytime.
Isn't it supposed to create folder in "Application" by itself?
Help me to find the way

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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula on 29 Mar 2020
Have you tried all the mentioned cases
In addition to this your account must have administrative permissions to install MATLAB. If you do not have administrative permissions on your Mac, contact your system administrator.
Hope this helps!
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Jaeyoon Kim
Jaeyoon Kim on 31 Mar 2020
Thanks for the reply.
I have already tried everything on that page.
I got ISO file from Mathwork and finally it worked.
Thanks anyways.

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