From generated code (Simulink Embedded coder) to Simulink model, for verification

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Good evening, I'm working with Simulink Embedded Coder and I generated a Simulink discrete time controller model into C++ code. Now I want to verify if the code works as well as the starting Simulink model: so I want to subtitute the controller using blocks and MATLAB functions with a block running the C++ generated code, and verify if the behavior of the control in the simulated plant is the same for both of them.
How I can build a Simulink block running the source and header files of the generated code?

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 22 Mar 2020
Put the Simulink model in Software In the Loop Mode(SIL). When this is done, Simulink will automatically replace the Simulink model with the generated code when the "Run" button is pushed.
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Luca Nanu
Luca Nanu on 27 Mar 2020
Starting from your link I made a research and I found a toolbox called "Simulink Test". After its intallation, in Simulink right-clicking in a model block there's a command called Test Harness, which allows to create another block in SIL or PIL verification mode. In addition to the block it is created some generated code which is exactly the one generated by Embedded Coder. I followed a video found in YouTube (
Now I've another question: is it a SIL verification if I run the new SIL model (in replace of the original discrete control model), connected with the plant model (as it is), but with the Simulation in Normal mode? I thought that even in Normal model the SIL model is ran in SIL mode, is it true? Or I need to have all the Simulink system in Software-in-the-Loop mode?
Thanks in advance.

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