How to extract specific columns of a matrix where the column numbers to be extracted are in a table

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I was wondering if anyone can help?
I have six data diles and I want to extract different columns from all 6 files. The columns to be extracted from each file are in a table (t) as follows:
Filename Column number 1 Column number 2 Column number 3
A 35 101 173
B 82 132 211
C 74 149 258
D 72 137 200
E 131 187 236
F 62 123 200

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Rashed Mohammed
Rashed Mohammed on 23 Mar 2020
Hi Lucy,
I understand that you would like to extract columns from data files which are in the form of table. I would suggest you to get familiar with different ways of accessing data in a table from here.
Hope this helps.


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