Converting matlab file to stl file

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Anh Phan Viet
Anh Phan Viet on 16 Mar 2020
Edited: Anh Phan Viet on 17 Mar 2020
Hello everyone, Can anyone please help me convert matlab file to file stl. My plot 3D consists of 7 sets of [X,Y,Z]. I've tried function surf2stl, it requires X,Y,Z. Therefore I concatenated 7 [X1 X2 ... X7] = X Y and Z also. But the graph doesnt look like the one I need.

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Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng on 17 Mar 2020
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Anh Phan Viet
Anh Phan Viet on 17 Mar 2020
Sorry but I've not succeeded. Maybe the reason is that: I have [X1 Y1 Z1], [X2 Y2 Z2], ..., [X7 Y7 Z7] while this can only accept 1 set [X Y Z]. However, when I combined 7 sets of coordinates to 1 set, I've met some errors with my stl file.

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