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How to hide text in axes?

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han han
han han on 14 Mar 2020
Commented: Ahmed Anas on 14 Mar 2020
How to hide text in axes.
This is my code,and it doesn't hide the a1 in checkbox.
I want to change the state of the text through the checkbox, but obviously it can't do it. What should i do?
function checkbox3_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
[Nodelocation] = textread('observe/mdNodeLocationXY_axisforGUI2.txt');
WISETEST = fopen('observe/mdNodeLocationXY_axisforGUI2.txt', 'rt');
out = textscan(WISETEST, '%s', 'Delimiter',{' '});
checkbox3_value = get(handles.checkbox3, 'Value');
ab = out{1}(1:end);
a1= length(str2double(ab))/6;
a = [0:a1-1]';
b = num2str(a); c = cellstr(b);
a1 = text(Nodelocation(:,2), Nodelocation(:,3), c);
if checkbox3_value == 1
set(a1, 'Visible', 'on')
elseif checkbox3_value == 0
set(a1, 'Visible', 'off')


Ahmed Anas
Ahmed Anas on 14 Mar 2020
Please get checkbox value by trying this, hope it will provide you the required results. Otherwise send me the error.
han han
han han on 14 Mar 2020
This way nothing has changed :(
Ahmed Anas
Ahmed Anas on 14 Mar 2020
It is showing you the text or not? you are getting errors while hiding this, am i right?

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