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Apace-time silhouettes of Human motion in video

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Kong on 10 Mar 2020
Answered: Bhargavi Maganuru on 29 Apr 2020
I want to classify human motion.
Does anyone know how to get space-time silhouettes in Human motion video?
I want to change the original video to images and then make it to CSV file.
How to get several background subtraction images?
%// read the video:
reader = VideoReader('daria_walk.avi');
vid = {};
while hasFrame(reader)
vid{end+1} = im2single(readFrame(reader));
%// simple background estimation using mean:
bg = mean( cat(4, vid{:}), 4 );
%// estimate foreground as deviation from estimated background:
fIdx = 43; %// do it for frame 43
fg = sum( abs( vid{fIdx} - bg ), 3 ) > 0.25;

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