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How do I solve a coupled system of PDE and ODE?

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Acorn on 10 Mar 2020
Commented: Rajan Patel on 24 Jun 2021
How do I solve this coupled system of PDE (equation 4) and ODE (equations 1, 2, 5)?

Answers (1)

Prasanna Gude
Prasanna Gude on 13 Mar 2020
The Partial Differential Equation (equation 4) can be solved in MATLAB with the help of “MATLAB PDE Solver”. Refer to this Link to know more about solving Partial Differential Equations in MATLAB.
The Ordinary Differential Equations (equations 1,2 and 5) can be solved analytically using ‘dsolve’ function. To know more about solving different types of Differential Equations, refer to this Link.

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