Precision peak detector with Non-Inverting Op-Amp and a diode

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Hi, I created a model of a precision peak detector, with an Op Amp and a diode. The input voltage is sinusoidal wave of 1kHz. The capacitor is 100 nF. After running the simulation, the output voltage is a identical to the input while I would expect to see the diode at least kicking in whe the voltage reverse. All looks fine instead if i use the diode alone, without the non-inverting Op-Amp. What is wrong ? The code is attached
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Maverick on 13 Mar 2020
Edited: Maverick on 13 Mar 2020
Hi Nishant, thanks to have checked this out. Finally I found the right combination of C, Rs and frequency excitation required to get a resonable signal out. I am not strong with the theory of Op-Amps but I read some books and I udnerstood where the problem was.
BTW, for other users that may find this useful, my actual parameetrs are f=5kHz, R1=1000kOhm, R2=10kOhm, C=1 uF. The sin wave is sampled at 1MhZ

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Nishant Gupta
Nishant Gupta on 13 Mar 2020
Hi, I run the model attached by you and got the following plot, which is correct only. Can you send the plot you are getting?

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