Errors while building mex

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Harsha Nimje
Harsha Nimje on 5 Mar 2020
Answered: Mark McBroom on 5 Apr 2020
I am trying to compile the code using command "mex For_Demo.c" where For_Demo.c is the auto generated code.
While doing so I am getting the following error
Could you please suggest whats wrong.
I have already kept all the required files on the current path.
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Harsha Nimje
Harsha Nimje on 5 Mar 2020
Getting this error now.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 5 Apr 2020
I believe the 4 missing symbols are functions normally provided by the AUTOSAR RTE. Simulink and Embedded coder do not generate these functions. In order to get mex to compile/link without errors, you will need to provide stub C functions... but more importantly you need to figure out what you will do with the mex function. How do you plan to get inputs from MATLAB to the AUTOSAR runnables? How do you plan to get results back from your runnable C code to MATLAB? Not quite sure what you are trying to accomplish by producing a mex file, but if you are trying to test the generated C code, a better approach is to use SIL mode. This link explains how to test autosar components.


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