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How to write a script to fill vector

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Anthony on 15 Oct 2012
Answered: Ananya Tewari on 18 Jun 2020
Write a script to fill vector b defined by b = {x for x<1 & x^2 for 1≤x≤4 & 16 for x>4}
First fill in vector x from 0 to 5 in intervals of 0.5 and then using a for loop with if, elseif and/or else statements, fill in vector b based on x as specified above. Print the value of b when finished.

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Ananya Tewari
Ananya Tewari on 18 Jun 2020
I understand that you want to create a vector b with the conditions as defined using for / if / else statements.
There are two ways to create the vector b as specified.
%way 1 using loop and other statements
x = [0:0.5:5.0]
b = [];
for i=1:numel(x)
b = [b,x];
elseif(x(i)>=1 && x(i)<=4)
b = [b,x(i)^2];
b = [b,4];
%way 2
x = [0:0.5:5.0];
b = [X(X<1), (X(X>=1 & X<=4)).^2 ];
k = x(x>4);
k(:,:) = 4;
b = [b,k]


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