using timer inside a loop-

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alex on 14 Oct 2012
hey.. I am stuck on this all day- I even made a couple of different versions.. but no luck so far-
my GUI's aim is to show images and to get a response from the user - a response can be a key press (E or I) or no response..
between the images themself there should be a3 seconds pause showing some text (a7 UIcontrol in my code)
the problem is that I need to do it for 30 times so, I use a loop with a timer inside it but , the GUI works bad..
it should do as follow- (the numbers are not important)
for 30 times do-
2 sec showing text (a7)
then showing an image for 3 sec or until I\E are pressed
this is my code- I am adding two versions, because they are differ mostly in the TIMER functions and properties..
and the photos are here( although u can use any 2 jpg photos)-
at first the problem was always an error- ' u try to start the timer when it allready works' , but now it is something else..
will appreciate any help

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