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Evaluating Time Dependent PDE Results at Nodal Solutions

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I am solving a time-dependent PDE and I want to evaluate the solution at each of the nodal points. I can easily get this information just by using
or for whatever time I want to look at instead of the end time. I want to get the average value of the result at the nodal points, but I only want to do it for a certain subset of all the nodal points. This would be simple enough if the nodal points were ordered in a nice pattern, but unfortunately they look like this:
Does anyone have an idea of how I might be able to determine which nodal points lie inside of the red line (this is a only a portion of the picture because it is zoomed in to give clarity) or some what to make them ordered?

Accepted Answer

Andrew Ferguson
Andrew Ferguson on 25 Feb 2020
Nevermind - I figured this one out.
I used the findNodes function to acquire all of the nodes on the specified face of my geometry then used results.NodalSolutions to calculate the values at a specific time at the nodes within the specified face.
Nf2 = findNodes(msh,'region','Face',2);
values = result.NodalSolution(Nf2,3600);

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