A few basic questions about a markov chain function

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Hi there,
I'm using the code below to simulate a markov chain.
I have a basic question though about how to use it and I would be grateful if somebody could answer it. I have 2 questions:
1. How should the transition matrix be entered into the workspace
Like this (with the state names i.e State A)
A .2 .4. .4
P = B .1 .3 .6
C .2 .5 .3
or like this
.2 .4. .4
P = .1 .3 .6
.2 .5 .3
How would you call it in the command line?
Would this be it?
Thank you
This function creates a Markov Chain based on a given transition matrix, P.
% It uses the current state to index a row of P. This row is passed into
% the Rand_Vect function, which returns a random value based on a probability
% vector. This value becomes the current state, and the process is repeated
% until the desired chain length is reached.
% Input:
% P - Stochastic probability matrix (must be square with rows that add to 1)
% initial_state - Initial state of the Markov Chain. This state corresponds
% to one of the rows of P.
% chain_length - Length of the output.
% Output:
% Chain - Vector containing randomly generated Markov Chain. The first value
% will be initial_state and it will have chain_length values.
function [Chain] = Markvok_Chain( P, initial_state, chain_length )
sz = size(P);
cur_state = round(initial_state);
% Verify that the input parameters are valid
if (sz(1) ~= sz(2))
error('Markov_Chain: Probability matrix is not square');
num_states = sz(1);
if (cur_state < 1) | (cur_state > num_states)
error('Markov_Chain: Initial state not defined in P')
for i=1:num_states
if (sum(P(i,:)) ~=1 )
error('Markov_Chain: Transition matrix is not valid')
% Create the Markov Chain
Chain(1) = cur_state;
for i = 1:chain_length
cur_state = Rand_Vect(P(cur_state,:), 1);
Chain(i) = cur_state;

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