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Can I use edge detection for point cloud?

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Sakdinon Nopparit
Sakdinon Nopparit on 22 Feb 2020
Answered: Pujitha Narra on 25 Feb 2020
I have point cloud data of wall. It contain windows and door.
Can I use edge detection for find this object.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 22 Feb 2020
No. You cannot use standard edge detection (that is, tools designed to work on a picture of a scene) on point cloud data.

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Pujitha Narra
Pujitha Narra on 25 Feb 2020
There is no such feature as now for point cloud data, but it might be considered for a future release. You can use 'pcsegdist' to segment the point cloud into clusters. You can find the details of the function here:


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