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Size of a figure that I copy from Matlab to Powerpoint

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Some time in the last two weeks the behaviour of Matlab R2020a prelease and R2019a changed in the following way:
  • when I was copying a figure (typically a plot) into Matlab, the size used to be 9.41 cm x 12.54 cm.
  • Now when I copy a figure, it appears in Power point with size 11.11 cm x 14.82 cm.
  • I found away how to modify the size of a a single figure in Matlab before copying it so that it has the correct size.
  • What I did not figure out is how to set globally the size of the copied figure.
Please help!

Answers (1)

Sky Sartorius
Sky Sartorius on 19 Feb 2020
I find that MS products sometimes have behavior as though they're taking a guess at what the pasted figure size should be. I find it best to simply know and/or set the figure size in Matlab before copying:
f = gcf;
f.Units = 'centimeters'
Then set the size in PowerPoint manually (using Picture Tools > Format > Size height or width on the ribbon.
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Tomy Duby
Tomy Duby on 19 Feb 2020
Thanks, Sky, your suggestion resolve the issue only partially. I do not think that this is the issue of PowerPoint as the figure is copied with its Matlab dimensions.
What I am looking for is a global setup that will generate figures in user defined size.
Again, thanks for your help!

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