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Is there a way to force Simulink to treat a 3x3x1 matrix as 3D instead of a 2D 3x3 matrix?

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Guy Squillace
Guy Squillace on 13 Feb 2020
I have a portion of code that sizes a matrix x as 3x3xn, where n can vary between simulations. If I have n>1 I can index values as y1 = x(:,:,1), y2 = x(:,:,2) and so on. If n = 1, then x is rtated as a 3x3 matrixand indexing x(:,:,1) produces an index out of bounds error because there is no third dimension. Is there a way to force x to always have three dimensions?


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Siriniharika Katukam
Siriniharika Katukam on 18 Feb 2020
I tried the following code and didn’t find any error.
x = rand(3,3,1);
if you try accessing x(:,:,2), then only you get the error you encountered.


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