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Storing Function Handles in structure

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I am trying to write a code such that I have a class of anonymous functions to which to call.
I would like to store them in some form of a dictionary, for example A.w1.pq = @(x,y,z) [x,y,z]. I would like to call these functions and extract the function and not neccessarily a numeric value. By this I mean if I call
a(1) = @(x,y,z) x
Is there a way of doing this?
Any help would be appreciated.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 11 Feb 2020
This line below is extracting (or copying) the function.
KieranSQ on 12 Feb 2020
I agree that this extracts the function vector. However, what I am ideally looking for is extracting the individual vector component as a function. I.e,
>> a=A.w1.pq;
%%%% Output
a(1) = @(x,y,z) x
a(2) = @(x,y,z) y
a(3) = @(x,y,z) z

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 12 Feb 2020
>> fun = @(x,y,z) [x,y,z];
>> baz = @(n,v) v(n); % helper function
>> a = @(n) @(x,y,z)baz(n,fun(x,y,z));
>> f = a(1); % f is a function handle!
>> f(5,6,7)
ans = 5
>> f = a(3); % f is a function handle!
>> f(5,6,7)
ans = 7

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