Automatic Synchronization unit (ASU)

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David Ramjit
David Ramjit on 8 Feb 2020
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 19 Apr 2023
Hi guys, im working on a control system of a microgrid and it requires an automatic synchronization unit. According to the reference paper being used for the model the ASU This unit tests the realization of ideal conditions of synchronization. At the correct instant this unit gives control logic signals to circuit breaker and changeover switches S1 and S2 to select the appropriate configuration of active and reactive power.
The ASU checks the grid voltage and the voltage form the microgrid control output and creates a signal which is sent to switches and breakers to control the operation. I am unsure exactly how this system is implemented and the refference does not specify any detail of the design of the simulink block. I would like some assistance if possible.
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Ankus Behera
Ankus Behera on 19 Apr 2023
please help me to design Synchronverter block

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 19 Apr 2023
Unfortunately, we cannot help you implement research papers. It is too generic of a request. If you try to implement something found in a research paper, and run into issues with our tools, we can help with that. Essentially, we cannot answer generic questions, the questions need to be specific. The onus is on you to read and understand the paper and find additional references if the paper doesn't explain in enough detail. Only after you have done that level of work can we be of assistance.


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