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How to connect Wago PLC to Simulink with OPC config block?

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Ravid Febrian Ramadhan
Ravid Febrian Ramadhan on 8 Feb 2020
I am really new about OPC UA and simulink. I am writing a program for water level controlled on my Wago PFC200 controller and use simulink to simulate the dynamic behavior of the system. I am using the controller as my OPC UA server and simulink as my client. But simulink can't find my controller. If i used UAExpert client, it can find the controller and i can see which variablen i want to transmit.
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Thank you


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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith on 7 Apr 2020
you can refer to the below documentation link on Use the OPC client manager which manges all clients for simulink model


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