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N Channel MOSFET gating signal

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Behnam Mohammad
Behnam Mohammad on 6 Feb 2020
Commented: Prakruthi on 2 Jul 2024 at 14:45
Hi MathWorks Support Team,
I am on working power electronics related project. My question is in regards with ideal MOSFET and N-Channel MOSFET. I am able to provide gating signal to ideal MOSFET from a pulse generator via Simulink to PS converter but the same gating signal, cannot be attached to the N-Channel MOSFET. I really appreciate your help.
Best Regards,
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Prakruthi on 2 Jul 2024 at 14:45
Develop a MATLAB code for min capacitance for n-channd MOSFET in variation with doping concentration (tox=3nm, Na= 10^12 10^13 10^14 10^15 10^16)]

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Answers (2)

Jyothis Gireesh
Jyothis Gireesh on 12 Feb 2020
This problem may be due to the restrictions imposed on the signal types which can be given as input to the n-channel MOSFET block. According to the MATLAB documentation for an ideal MOSFET, the gate terminal port “G” accepts either a physical signal or an electrical port. Hence it may be able to accept the physical signal generated by the “Simulink-PS Converter”. But the n-channel MOSFET accepts only electrical ports as input to the gate terminal.
A possible workaround in this case is to use a pulse generator block from the “Simscape Elctrical Library”. One suggestion may be to use the “Pulse Voltage Source” block from the “Electrical Sources” library in “Simscape” which offers similar capabilities.
You may also make use of the following documentation link on “Pulse Voltage Source” for further clarification

Behnam Mohammad
Behnam Mohammad on 12 Feb 2020
Hello Jyothis,
Thanks for the response. Well you are right and I noticed that as well but the problem which stopped me from going forward with that option is that I have a failry large network which was initially developed with ideal switches and worked perfectly fine but later on when I decided to replace the idea switches with n-channel on to calcualte the power losses of the system, I realized that they are not compatible! So for ideal mosfet I cannot populate the parameters from the datasheet therefore, I should do the power loss analysis manually.
So what I am basically doing is there is a pair of complementary signal orchestrating my switches. The signals are sent to "Go To" block and then later on deployed on the syste, wherever there are switches. Using controlled DC voltage source would make the system a bit messy and not vidually easy to inspect!
Sorry for the long message, just wanted you to get a feel of what is it that i am tryna do.
Thank you very much for the help.

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