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I have a matrix that is 17x6 and for one task i need to find • The location with the highest average ice thickness • The maximum overall ice thickness measurement with the associated location and day

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I'm confused on how to do this. more so on how to get the index the day and location. But the location name is on a 1x6 and we have to index the name and also the Days is on a 17x1. use the data and scrool down to the bottom to get an idea of how it should look

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Jyothis Gireesh
Jyothis Gireesh on 10 Feb 2020
I am assuming here that the rows of the “Ice” matrix correspond to the “Days” and the columns correspond to the “LocationID” . You may use the following code to extract the required values.
load('MA2_data (2).mat');
[~, maxAvgIceLocation] = max(mean(Ice(:)));
maxIce = max(Ice(:));
[maxRow, maxCol] = find(ismember(Ice, maxIce));
maxDay = Days(maxRow);
maxLocation = LocationID(maxCol);
Here the variable “maxAvgIceLocation” correspond to the location of the highest average ice thickness. “maxIce”, “maxDay”and “maxLocation” gives the maximum overall ice thickness with the associated day and location respectively.


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