Can I run a Simulink model in real time on a general Linux target?

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Is there a way of running a Simulink model in real time on a general Linux target? I would need pretty much the same as the Raspberry Pi Support package does, with the exception that the model would run on a general x86-64 machine with Linux installed. At first, I thought that this is exactly what the "Run on Custom Hardware" App in Simulink does, but even when one uses this app and the "Generic Real-time Target (grt.tlc)", the model paces way faster than real time.

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Prasanna Gude
Prasanna Gude on 6 Mar 2020
Yes, a Simulink model can be run on a general Linux Target. Refer to the following link to know about running a Simulink model on Linux Target (Raspberry Pi Hardware):
The simulation of “Generic Real-time Target (grt.tlc)”is executed at a rate corresponding to the model’s sampling rate. To know more about the simulation of Generic Real-time Target, refer to the following link:


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