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Multihop-wireless sensor network

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wing hin lee
wing hin lee on 22 Jan 2020
i want to do the Multihop.but i cannot understand how to do.
i find some code of Multihop. but i can not know it is correct? and i connot understand the code
Clust = find(CH);
X = net(2:3,:); X = X';
for i=1:length(Clust)
sx = X(Clust(i+1:end),1);
sy = X(Clust(i+1:end),2);
d = sqrt((sx - X(Clust(i),1)).^2 + (sy - X(Clust(i),2)).^2);
if ~isempty(d)
[~,d] = min(d);

Answers (1)

Srimouli Rukmabhatla
Srimouli Rukmabhatla on 20 Mar 2020


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