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Sending data from another cloud provider to ThingSpeak

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Haydar Jawad
Haydar Jawad on 21 Jan 2020
Commented: Vinod on 26 Jan 2020
Hi Guys, please help
I need to send data to thingspeak using RESTFUL API, i have all the API key etc from my provider but can not figure out how to make thing sepak receive the data ? thank you


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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 21 Jan 2020
ThingSpeak will most likely be able to accept your data. I would suggest you start with the Get Started tutorial. Its a really great way to get acquainted with ThingSpeak, and its not too long. Then consider the Write Data reference page to see how to write data using the RESTful API, or the complete REST API page.

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Haydar Jawad
Haydar Jawad on 22 Jan 2020
Hi Chris, thank you for the prompt reply. I know those links and i know how to read and write to channels from Matlab or Python even the REST API page is just ThingSpeak read write only etc. What I have is a GET API from a third party cloud and i need to use this API in ThingSpeak. All thingspeak tutorials are about reading and writing into the channel own API KEYS, that bit i understand Example can data from Azure get sent to ThingSpeak directly using Azure API KEY ? if yes how there is no tutorial explaining this kind of scenario.
all the best

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Vinod on 22 Jan 2020
If I understand right, your question is how to READ data from Azure and have the data show up on ThingSpeak. It is not about having Azure automatically send the data to ThingSpeak. Am I correct?
If so, what you need to do is setup a MATLAB Analysis application that uses your Azure API keys to retrieve the data from Azure and use the thingSpeakWrite function to write it to a ThingSpeak channel. You can then tie this MATLAB code to a timecontrol so it executes on a clock.
Stepping back from the technical details for a minute, can you describe in detail what you are trying to achieve and what kind of data you want to bring into ThingSpeak from Azure?


Haydar Jawad
Haydar Jawad on 24 Jan 2020
Hi Vinod, Thank you for the prompt response. yes it's 100% about sending data directly to thingspeak from another cloud provider. .
I can do Matlab as a middle way as i can use Webread and Webwrite etc and then ThingSpeak commands within Matlab no issues and in the analysis section of thingspeak . But I thought its neater to send the data direct to thingspeak.
As a side note Azure is just an example i am not using Azure i am using a third party cloud provider.
At a very high level, The project is to read from 10+ medical sensors data from a specialised platform hardware (the platform can not talk direct to thingspeak) it has to talk to its own cloud bridge then the bridge provide API KEYS for outside communication and read data . . So the plan now is to read into matlab code and use matlab toolboxes like (opmsation, fuzzy logic, AI,and other commands etc) to predict medical conditions and use ThinkSpeak for live graphic display of the results .
Vinod on 26 Jan 2020
If you are looking to have the 3rd party service send data to ThingSpeak, you will need to write some code on that 3rd party service that uses the ThingSpeak API service to update a channel.

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