How to pause signal at specific time for specific time?

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I have made a simulation in Simulink representing integrated INS and GPS systems. I'd like to simulate loosing GPS signal for specific time at specific time of simulation? Which block (or set of blocks) should I use? I've thought about using a MATLAB function block and zeroing GPS signal when needed but zero signal is still a signal and I'd like it to not bring any signal at all.
Thanks in advance.
Rümeysa Özer
Rümeysa Özer on 11 Apr 2022
Hey, did you solved the problem what did you use?

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Accepted Answer

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 18 Jan 2020
Use the SImulink Clock block to get the current simulation time. and then compare this to a constant block that has the time you want to loose GPS signal.

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