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Help in MinTurningRadius computation

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Giuseppe Petralia
Giuseppe Petralia on 15 Jan 2020
Since the default MinTurningRadius is 4 for 2.8 meters wheelbase vehicle with a maximum steering angle of 35, how this 4 value is computed? Which is the ratio between a general minimum turning radius and the related wheelbase and maximum steering angle?

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Srimouli Rukmabhatla
Srimouli Rukmabhatla on 20 Mar 2020
MinTurningRadius is a property, Default value is 4. You can refer the following documentation link
In general the formula for radius of curvature is as
r = s / (sqrt(2 - 2 * cos(2*a/n))
where r is radius of curvature ,s is wheel base, a is steering angle,
n is steering ratio.


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