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Ettus B200 Transmit On

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Aiden Mitio
Aiden Mitio on 14 Jan 2020
Commented: fatih özdemir on 20 Sep 2020
I am working with an Ettus B200 mini-i. I have been successful with findsdru to detect the radio and comm.SDRuTransmitter to specifiy properties of the radio.
I haven'be been able to transmit a signal though. Is there a command for transmit on/enable?

Answers (1)

Jyotsna Talluri
Jyotsna Talluri on 17 Jan 2020
comm.SDRuTransmitter creates SDRu Transmitter system object which enables the communication between the matlab and USRP Board.
Suppose tx=comm.SDRuTransmitter() is SDRu Transmitter object with specified properties and the signal to be transmitted is 'sig'
transmits the signal with the specified properties.
Refer to the below link
Aiden Mitio
Aiden Mitio on 22 Jan 2020
Thank you, could you verify some additional thoughts?
  1. I need to generate a signal to be transmitted, the USRP itself does not create that signal.
What kind of signal and do you have resources for how to create that signal?
fatih özdemir
fatih özdemir on 20 Sep 2020
You can create the Signal via the WLAN Waveform Apps from Matlab

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